Blood + Kisses Director & co-producer G. Simpson has fun with Cassandra Floyd.

The many faces of Denise.

The director gives Denise his autograph.

John Landis (director of An American Werewolf in London) visits "Blood + Kisses"

Feeding time?

Zombies rise from the Dead with Denise & Cassandra around.

Robert's Brother Gregg and his wife Carol become Vampire hunters.

Gregg, Tom (Robert's Dad) and Carol decide to audition for roles in the next Vampire movie.


Nobody's safe around Denise.

Denise goes after Robert's Dad!

Don't let this Gorgeous smile (Cassandra aka Coco) fool you, this lady is dangerous.

Denise savors what's left of one of her victims. The lady is
a man eater!

After seeing what Denise did to her last victim, Gregg decides he better be ready to defend himself.

G. tries to stay vigilant and protect himself, but it's really no use.

Beware the lure of
the Vampires.

Denise & Cassie recruit new victims as she plots to add to her hot vampire posse.

Vampire hunter tools: Bible, Ancient scrolls, wooden cross, stake and mallet and some Poland Springs holy water?

Denise adopts a new black cat for good luck and spends the weekend petting her new pussy "Booger".

"Poor Marc, this is all that's left of him", the good news was, Booger had something to snack on.

"Here kitty, kitty, come give mommy a bloody kiss"

Zombie Honeymooners, dead people and gore fans alike, all want their "Blood + Kisses"

Denise & Cassandra easily develop a following.

"Never under estimate the power of the pussy".

Zombie Chicks enjoy blowing bubbles as Denise & Cassie pop them with their teeth for amusement.

One by one they all get sucked in.

Once they set their sights on someone, it was all over!

This little zombie has no idea what he's gotten himself into.


Showtime does an interview with Denise, Gregg & Cassandra. Much to G's chagrin the interview included her new baby Booger.

Denise's smile reveals the potential of her bite.

Denise laments that the only disappointment of the weekend so far was that she still hadn't bitten anybody.

Even under these circumstances, you can tell there's a real danger behind that smile.

Denise is drawn by a comic book artist at the show, while Booger looks on.



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